Venice by Fennesz - Touch [TO53] FLAC download included with physical items


A 12 track minimal/glitch album (49m 6s) — released April 26th 2004 on Touch

- Fennesz burst upon the scene with 'Instrument' [Mego, 1995], applauded by The Wire for his: 'takes some skillful manipulation to simultaneously tug those heartstrings and poke them with tiny pins' [Nick Phillips, City Pages, USA] - Fourth studio album by Christain Fennesz, following the successful 'Endless Summer' [Mego, 2001], which sold over 20,000 copies. - His most accessible works to date, this marks the crossroads between electronic music? early status as digital subculture and it's emotional quality towards melody and rapture. - Artwork & Photography by Jon Wozencroft [6 panel digipak] - Collaboration with David Sylvian [Mego] on 'Transit''

?seems to drift as you are going into yourself in a state of dreamworld and somewhat melancholy and then rises to somethines-spectacular explosions of hectic organ droned electronic noises. - Eleanor Jones Rant

There's a certain dark quality to it, yet beautiful and mesmerising , it's one to close your eyes to and picture beautiful landscapes. - Eleanor Jones Rant

Manipulates blizzards of statick drone for meditative, occasionally rockish ends, fragments of melody threaded through the abstraction. It's also hymanely crafted with a warmth unsusual in the avant-garde. - Uncut

...unique technique and production alue, which many are trying to copy - Wire

"THE REST OF THE BEST No.1" 11. FENNESZ Venice (Touch) -

LIVE REVIEW OF CORNET GIG "...Next to test the Coronet?s fabulous soundsystem is Fennesz who apparently takes a second of My Bloody Valentine and extends it over half an hour with the aid of extensive diamond-hard abrasively digital distortion. Although painfully loud within the speaker-surrounded main floor, there?s something ineffably soothing about having your cochlea pierced in this manner". -

"Though Venice offers the intrigue of ?experimental? music, it is also melodic and easily digestible - it isn?t lazily provocative, difficult or abrasive but utterly lovely." ***" - Dave Hemingway Record Collector

"Ambient hasn?t had much of a profile since the early Nineties, when Aphex Twin was soldering together his homemade gear and making electronica without repetitive beats was a political act. Now we have ?intelligent dance music? (aka ?glitch? etc), an umbrella term for digital composition that shuns the straitjacket of song in favour of crackle and fizzes that, in the right hands, become emotive soundscapes. Few have abler hands than Christian Fennesz, whose latest album takes up where 2001?s Endless Summer left off. His warm drones, ebbing analogues and dysfunctional digitals recall the sublime bliss-outs of My Bloody Valentine as much as they suggest ghosts in the modern machine. It?s deeply lovely; and for variety, David Sylvian sings on one track, returning the production favour Fennesz did for him on his last record" - Kitty Empire The Observer

"Venice layers great plains of sound in a manner that?s likely to cause poetic ramblings in reviews with far higher word limits... unavoidable." - Buzz

"Gorgeous digital etherealism from Vienna" - Uncut Magazine

?Venice? is digital folk music, designed by the human heart, for the likes of you and me. - The Logo

?...if you haven?t heard the Fennesz album, you really really should...capturing the unsettled queasiness that makes Kevin Shields? work so fantastic....grafting blissout noise onto IDM moves results in a different sublimation...where everything feels like guitar-generated sounds and more like...well, something, like a smear on the sky, like walking through actual static-generated fog....? - Loose Lips Sink Ships

?Venice? is another solid, consistent album from Fennesz that carries it?s own unique stamp of quality." - Barcode Review

"Returning three years after the stunning Endless Summer, Christian Fennesz continues to shape up beautiful ethereal soundscapes into compositions that are at once experimental and totally accessible. Not to be missed" -

"I?ve waited so long for this record, Fennesz?s follow-up to Endless Summer. Dreaming each night about how it might sound, where he?d take us next, what kind of food he likes, his favourite wine, where he buys his socks, whether he enjoyed The Office DVDs I sent him, why he won?t return my calls, why he only shaves downwards, that sort of thing. I?m not obsessed, I just understand I guess." 6/10 - The Vice

it's a gloriously transcendent event on a recording that abounds with similarly magical moments -

"listening to most of these twelve pieces might be compared to the act of viewing from a distance a series of Monet's weather and light studies (the Haystacks, the Poplars or Rouen Cathedral). The longer the gaze is maintained, the more the colours vibrate and the forms shimmer between abstraction and figuration. The lack of any form of overt rhythmic instrumentation further underlines this impression, causing the music to float like a mirage or apparition." -

"by the Austrian laptop master Christian Fennesz?.continues to push even further the "boundaries of the digital instrument by incorporating smooth melodies and gentle textures...Fennesz's guitar is constantly and intelligently present within his interrupted structures, making this album more accessible, yet without any lack of textural innovation. He even shows how easily he can blend vocals on the only sung track "Transit" with David Sylvian...This is the warmest approach Fennesz has expressed in his soundscape experiments by referring to them in the smoothest emotional manner. A record which is highly recommended to anyone interested in discovering his work as much as it is a must buy for those already in tune with his granular music." -

"...perhaps his warmest and most conventionally melodic work so far, setting gorgeous washes and softly bevelled slabs of processed guitar against glitchy pulses to sublimely emotional should find a welcome home with fans of My Bloody Valentine, Bowie?s ?Low? and Sylvian (who guests on ?Transit?)." - Sharon O?Connell Time Out

Setting gorgeous washes and softly bevelled slabs of processed guitar against glitch pulses to sublimely emotional effect. Somehow expressing both the pain of the detatched soul and the ecstacy of love. - Time Out

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